Whistleblower software features

Whistleblower software features

Whistleblowing software is an easy-to-use tool. After you sign up, will prepare a dedicated reporting page customized specifically for your branding at no additional cost. You will receive a whistleblowing link that you can distribute among employees and other stakeholders. Anyone wishing to report a misconduct can then access the given report and follow three easy steps:

Describe the issue

The whistleblower fills in an anonymous and 100% safe form. This step is very straightforward.

Provide optional evidence

The whistleblower can upload attachments like files, photos, videos and provide additional information if needed. All the reporting form fields can be customized.

Submit report

All data is being encrypted and a new case report is created. Case managers assigned by you are notified and are able to respond. Case attachments are scanned for viruses. Whistleblower receives a unique password-protected link to the case for further communication.

After submitting the report, it is delivered to your panel on the WeMoral service, and the designated persons are informed about it by e-mail. The decision is then made on how to proceed with the report. At the same time, the case manager in your company can safely contact the whistleblower to obtain more information or provide company feedback. The entire process of two-way communication is encrypted and secure, maintaining the highest confidentiality standards.