Reasons to invest in whistleblower software

Reasons to invest in whistleblower software

Agata Malik-Bosak |

Create a channel to report irregularities anonymously by whistleblower

Taking action that is able to minimize the risk of fraud and prevent improper activity within the company should be crucial for any enterprise. Therefore, the fundamental tool of many companies, allowing their proper functioning, are special channels of communication for whistleblowers. With these tools, employees are given the opportunity to quickly inform management of any unethical practices and harmful workplace conduct. All this is done anonymously, without fear and repercussions, so that help to combat unlawful practices can take place without any concern by the submitter. At the same time, he has a chance to protect the company's reputation and financial performance

Effective risk management

The purpose of irregularity reporting software is primarily to provide employees with the necessary tools and in itself the ability to safely report any wrongdoing they may have experienced in the workplace. These can be theft, sexual harassment, discrimination or mere skimming of facts and data, among other things. This service brings benefits for the whole company, using an effective way to assess and manage risk, which leads to the ability to contain the problem before it actually threatens the company.

Fraud detection

Fraud is based on lies, and the higher a rank in a company a liar has, the harder it is to detect. It could happen so that despite the irrefutable evidence, no one would want to report irregularities without an anonymous option to submit a message. This is the responsibility of the whistleblower submission channel, thanks to which fear of possible consequences is no longer an issue.

Harrment and intimidation in the workplace

Both harassment, like any threat, should not be accepted in any organization. Employees can't be allowed to feel insecure and uncomfortable at the company, and the lack of reaction to such behaviour, would have a huge impact on declining company morale. One of the main reasons for reluctant reporting of irregularities is fear of discrimination and the resulting stress. From this title, it is worth showing employees that there are no such practices in the company and everyone should feel safe. In turn, all derogations from the standard will not be tolerated and therefore should be notified.

Prevents unwelcome media attention

Harass, discrimination, fraud and untrue data representation are frequent behaviors alleged to individual companies in the media so as to weaken their position in the market. With whistleblowing, company leaders have a chance to identify problems in the workplace and lead to their effective solution. A good reputation for your company is a better chance of getting new investors, stakeholders or new employees.

Better company image

Investment in tools that control malfunctions is a chance to improve the company's image. Whoever gets acquainted with her activities will pay attention to it and appreciate the fact that you care about integrity. A person who thinks about joining the company's employees may be more calm about possible problems, knowing about the existence of a submission channel. The company is becoming known for making it possible for employees to take a voice in it. It's also a safe option for investors.

Eliminating real issues

Social media is one place where disgruntled employees can publish their complaints publicly. However, if there is a more serious problem on the horizon, the submitter will prefer to remain anonymous. It is such cases that are subject to investigation and investigation, and if the alarm turns out to be false, it will be known that everything has been properly vetted to confirm this.

Key structure in your business

In an ideal world, each of the companies should have a channel responsible for reporting improper practices in their structures. If a big company happens to a scandal, it will automatically attract media attention and suffer financial losses. As much as larger businesses can handle the image crisis, smaller companies have less chance of doing so. Therefore, when setting up a new business, one of the first things should be to plan such tools in your environment. Once the outreach activities are implemented, the company will be protected. Having such tools can help a company grow in the market.

Company protection

When one thinks of tools to report irregularities, a lot of attention is focused on protecting the whistleblower. However, the system for informing irregularities does not rely solely on that. Employees in a lower position often have their superiors in charge of them. In the event that one of the people comes forward, the reputation of the other can be saved. Based on observations by other employees in the workplace, everyone protects each other.

Safety and hygiene in the workplace

The whistleblower submission channel can also be useful for reporting health and safety irregularities. Accordingly, early reporting of problems that could endanger the health of workers in the future will save not only lives, but also stop the legal consequences arising from the accident. Any employee has the right to refuse a job that it deems to comply with safety requirements. The introduction of such a submission channel also shows that the company cares for employees in the context of health and safety.

Good corporate governance

A well-knit and experienced team is the basis of a strong company in the market. To find such a team, however, an appropriate work culture is essential. At present times, the labour market appreciates companies, where workers get as much freedom as possible, so in addition, appropriate rules must be put in place at the same time allowing and protecting against chaos. Therefore, the implementation of such solutions as whistleblower submission channel is important when the company wants to encourage new worthwhile employees. There are websites where prospective employees can familiarize themselves with the culture of the company before signing a contract, and certainly many will benefit from that. Taking action, giving the opportunity to voice by whistleblowers, puts the company a level higher than the competition.

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