Why whistleblowing software is better than email or telephone?

Why whistleblowing software is better than email or telephone?

Kamila Caban |

Despite the fact that whistleblowers have been legally protected in many countries, their role is still socially perceived in a controversial way. Many people have a wrong idea about whistleblowers. At the same time, employees are afraid of becoming whistleblowers themselves. In the past, the consequences of reporting misconduct the relevant authorities about irregularities in a given company might have been unpleasant - they were often associated with personal accusations, mobbing, persecution or even dismissal. No wonder then that whistleblowers, even with indisputable evidence, were afraid to report crimes or suspicions of unfair practices. Fortunately, the situation is changing, and the working environment is becoming more and more aware of the benefits that result from the bold attitude of whistleblowers. Employers also know how important it is to provide their employees with safe communication channels, where they will be able to report any irregularities they notice completely anonymously.

Whistleblowing software is safer than emai or phone call.

A few years ago, larger corporations and public offices decided to create communication channels dedicated to whistleblowers, such as telephone helplines or e-mail addresses to which reports could be sent. With time, however, it turned out that these solutions are not practical, and even their existence is pointless. Research has shown that employees simply do not trust such means of communication. Truth be told, it is hardly surprising. In today's advanced technology, tracing someone's e-mail address or checking a given phone number does not pose many difficulties. That is why it is so important to create a trusted channel for direct, fully anonymous reporting of irregularities in the workplace. Whistleblowing software, such as WeMoral, offers 100% security for whistleblowers. Encrypted communication, anonymity and ease of reporting - these are the main features for which it is worth considering an appropriate whistleblower reporting channel .

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