How to become a whistleblower?

How to become a whistleblower?

Olga Hellmann |

Have you noticed any irregularities in your workplace that harm the welfare of others, endanger the employer or are illegal? Have you decided to report this misconduct using a properly designed whistleblower channel? Congratulations! This bold decision can change many things for the better - including your workplace. However, it is important to prepare well for it.

Make sure what you want to report is a misconduct

Before you report any irregularities to the relevant authorities, try to talk about them with someone you trust. With someone to whom you can entrust secret information without fear, and who will at the same time look at it independently and tell you whether the steps you want to take are appropriate and whether what you have noticed is really a misconduct. Sometimes a conversation with someone you trust can not only encourage you, but also help you understand certain issues that you have not thought about before. If you do not want to talk about it with someone you know, with your family or a friend, remember that you can consult a lawyer who will honestly assess your thoughts before it is official and at the same time will tell you how to behave and what to pay attention to in the further process.

Collect evidence and facts

You must be aware that currently whistleblowing law protects the identity of whistleblowers, however there is no margin for making a mistake by them. This means that you must be sure of what you want to report. Try to get solid evidence and look at the problem objectively. Nobody expects you to obtain supporting evidence to support your case as a whole, but be aware that it is important that your words are supported by evidence. The case may eventually be brought to a court, which expects to rely on facts and evidence - not only on guesses.

When the matter you report gains momentum, you need to take responsibility for your words and make sure that what you report as a whistleblower is a true misconduct, not a way to make a joke or make life difficult for someone else. Whistleblowing systems are an excellent tool supporting the work of companies - both large and small, but often employees want to use them for private retaliation. Do not make this mistake - the consequences of reporting misconduct are very unpleasant and can even end in court.

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