Whistleblowing at school

Whistleblowing at school

Agata Malik-Bosak |

Whistleblowing , i.e. signaling irregularities, should certainly be possible in schools - whether private or public. Schools are public entities, and the obligation to protect whistleblowers in institutions that employ a minimum of 50 employees should be provided as early as December 17, 2021.

Whistleblowing is an extremely important issue in every workplace, but it must be admitted that schools are institutions that should take care of appropriate channels for internal communication with extreme care. The most important thing here is the safety of students, school staff who are responsible for them and parents. Due to the fact that the right people immediately learn about a given problem, who know how to react to help the victim or punish the guilty party, the entire process is definitely streamlined . An anonymous system for reporting irregularities will allow you to avoid unnecessary scandal or publicity, prevent the case from escalating and significantly improve the process of solving the problem. It is extremely important to promote appropriate behaviors, such as the use of whistleblower platforms, as the staff then has greater comfort in work and confidence that the school is properly secured.

It is important to remember that not all complaints made by the internal communication system may be treated as irregularities. The main factor that allows the case to be considered as a report by a whistleblower is the fact that the notification should concern a matter which is in the public interest. Employees cannot report private animosities or misunderstandings through the whistleblower channel. Their denunciations must concern issues related to:

  • the safety of the individual (be they students or employees)
  • criminal behavior (such as theft, mobbing, embezzlement, harassment, etc.),
  • damage to the natural environment,
  • violation of the law, including regulations related to fire regulations or occupational health and safety

The responsibility of the governing bodies of a given school institution (principals) is to provide its employees with a safe and anonymous channel for reporting irregularities and to create regulations that clearly describe the entire procedure of reporting irregularities.

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