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Encrypted reporting channel for your company.

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Who is a whistleblower?

Anyone who reports insider information about the workplace concerns.

Who can report issues?

Employees, suppliers, contractors, clients or any individual who becomes aware of any misconduct in your organization.

Whom does it concern?

Based on EU Directive, Companies with more than 250 employees are obliged to provide a whistleblowing solution by December 2021.

The hub for all
secure, anonymous communication.


Configure your own questions and case categories.

Your branding

Brand your own reporting page. Bring your own domain.


Your reports are encrypted in transit and at rest.


Visualize your data to have best overview.

Role management

Manage permissions of your dashboard users.

Multi-language Support

Dashboard and reporting page supports 25 different languages.


Integrate your own user authentication.


Be up do date with the latest updates on your reports.

Audit trial

Each report has tracable history maintaining anonimity.

What is the EU Whistleblower Directive?

The purpose of the directive is to oblige companies and public sector entities to implement procedures that will ...

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Don't worry about security and confidentiality.

We've got you covered. WeMoral whistleblowing service is designed in a very secure way. Reports are safely stored with encryption at rest. You can open a secure communication channel with whistleblowers without compromising their identity, being compliant with all applicable laws.

Don't worry about security and confidentiality.

Anonymity and encryption


Guaranteed uptime


Partners feedback


“WeMoral fully satisfies our needs for the whistleblowing channel in our company. Not only are we compliant with the upcoming regulations, but also we believe that having such platform boosts the trust within the company.”

Pawel / CEO


“WeMoral fitted our needs precisely.
Pros: Ease of implementation (no involvement was needed from our end). Transparent pricing.”

Verified Reviewer @ Capterra.com

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