WeMoral is highly ranked in the best whistleblower software

WeMoral is highly ranked in the best whistleblower software

Kamila Caban |

In July 2022, a ranking was published based on 34 applications for whistleblowers. As the creators claim - the goal of the ranking was to create a reliable ranking, which is designed to promote safe platforms for reporting misconduct by whistleblowers. Importantly - all applications included in the ranking meet the requirements of the European Union Directive 2019/1937 and the criteria for the security and protection of the whistleblower's identity (GDPR).

We are pleased to confirm that WeMoral was ranked in the TOP 10 in the independent ranking prepared by the portal ODO24. There were 18 important criteria taken into account, including: security and anonymity of the whistleblower, multi-stage authentication, encryption of reports, protection against malware or a multilingual interface.

All applications were tested by independent experts in the field of IT and personal data security. The authors of the ranking emphasize that the study was conducted both from the perspective of the whistleblower who reports the violation and in terms of functionality for administrators and coordinators.

The authors of the ranking appreciated the areas to which we pay special attention: “WeMoral offers an exceptionally simple, uncomplicated and intuitive and easy-to-use tool for reporting violations. The company offers a one-day service implementation."

We are proud that we ranked in the top, because we know that our actions translate directly into the satisfaction of our partners.

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