"Agent Krzysiek" the CBA agent - a whistleblower without protection

"Agent Krzysiek" the CBA agent - a whistleblower without protection

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Krzysztof, a former agent of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in Lublin, known as "Agent Krzysiek," was instrumental in exposing serious irregularities in the activities of the authorities at the time. His story is an example of how important the protection of whistleblowers could be if the EU directive in this matter were implemented in Poland.

What did the agent Krzysiek reveal?

Between 2009 and 2019, Krzysztof, acting for the CBA, led an operation codenamed "Chrysanthemum." As part of it, a relative of PiS politician Przemyslaw Chernek was detained, among others, and the operation itself entangled a high-ranking government official. Krzysztof revealed how the then head of the CBA, Ernest Bejda, saved Chernek's career, which led to attention to potential abuses of power.

Christopher's work at the CBA also included other important operations, including the unraveling of an international criminal group and cases involving the corruption of local politicians. However, his determination to expose abuses came at a price - he was forced to leave the service and later heard corruption charges.

Is agent Krzysiek covered by whistleblowers’ protection?

Agent Krzysiek is not entitled to protection from retaliation he might experience as a result of his disclosure, because the EU directive on whistleblower protection has not been implemented in Poland.

Krzysztof's story sheds light on the problems faced by whistleblowers in Poland. Lacking adequate legal protection, whistleblowers often become targets of attacks, losing their jobs or reputations. If Poland were to implement the EU's whistleblower protection directive, Krzysztof, as a whistleblower, could count on legal protection and support in his fight against corruption.

It should be emphasized that the role of whistleblowers is crucial in maintaining transparency and integrity in the public and private sectors. Protecting people like Christopher should be a priority so that others who are aware of wrongdoing can stand up to corruption and abuse with greater courage.

Meanwhile, the legislative process for a whistleblower law is still ongoing. The last activity in this regard took place in August 2023 despite the fact that official information on government websites indicates that the implementation date for the law's entry into force is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023.

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