What is a whistleblowing service?

If you feel that Green Caffè Nero organization should learn about something that works to its disadvantage or you know about someone else's action that may harm someone or is unlawful - you are in the right place. You can use our whistleblower tool that makes it possible to report such incidents safely. The reported incidents may involve violations of the law, including health and safety, the environment, human rights, individual rights or privacy.

Who is a whistleblower?

A signalist is a person who consciously wants to report the observed abnormality. The signalers can not only be employees - they also include suppliers, customers, contractors, etc. The role of a whistleblower is socially important, so you can be sure that our tool will provide you with complete anonymity and security. In addition, the laws protect whistleblowers from various forms of retaliation for reported irregularities.

Is it safe for me?

The connection between you and the person responsible for handling whistleblower calls is encrypted. This allows you to communicate in a safe, confidential way. You do not need to give your data or your relationship towards the organization. Use our secure system to provide information about the breach you are witnessing.


You are on a website that will help you anonymously report information regarding any kind of abuse, misconduct or illegal behavior regarding Green Coffee Sp. z o.o. (Green Caffè Nero) you have witnessed.

All data is encrypted and stored in a secure place.